MEHRLIN (Models for Economic Hydrogen Refuelling Infrastructure) aims at developing refuelling infrastructure for fuel cell electromobility (e.g. buses, cars, commercial vehicles) long the so-called Trans-European Corridors (TEN-T). From 2016 until the end of 2020 6 hydrogen refuelling stations in 4 countries (Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany, Italy) are to be built and operated. The objective of this project is to collect experience and data regarding the technical operation and the profitability of an HRS as to prepare this technology’s commercial roll-out starting post 2020.

South Tyrol is part of MEHRLIN with a project regarding the town of Bruneck/Brunico with the municipal utilities of Bruneck/Brunico and the IIT as partners: While the first aim at developing the necessary infrastructure for hydrogen production and the refuelling of buses, the IIT – as this project’s research partner – focuses on monitoring and the analysis of technical operational data and the profitability of these plants. 

MEHRLIN is linked to another European project regarding the operation of 140 fuel cell buses in different European cities and towns (see JIVE) and is supported by the European Union through the CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) program.