The idea

The change in the supply of energy from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources is one of the most important challenges of our time. In the face of rising world energy consumption, climate change and increasing energy prices, we have to take today responsibility both for the world we live in and for the world of tomorrow. Businesses have long since recognized that they must increasingly act in a sustainable way in order to continue (thus creating the so-called “green economy”, aiming to be sustainable in a social, ecological and economical way).
South Tyrol has long been imbued with a sense of sustainability, wanting to conserve its natural resources in order to be self-reliant. In energy terms too, there is an emphasis on self-sufficiency and the use of renewable energy, as demonstrated by the large number of publicly and privately operated hydroelectric plants.
Until recently it has not been possible to store renewable energy, meaning that it could not be used in the mobility sector to replace fossil fuels and thus reduce our dependence on them.
For these and other open questions there now exists a technical solution that is not only taking hold in Europe but also, increasingly, worldwide: hydrogen technology. And the time has now come for this innovative technology gradually to be implemented in South Tyrol. The establishment of the Hydrogen Centre in Bozen South is the harbinger of a new era that will see a massive technical paradigm change: away from the combustion engine and towards electric mobility, with the expansion of renewable energies and the flourishing of new sectors of the economy designed to serve sustainability and the quality of life.