Opening of the Hydrogen Centre in South Tyrol

Bozen, 05. June 2014

South Tyrol is not just a pioneer in Italy in terms of clean energy, climate houses and environmental technology, but also in the field of sustainable and emission-free mobility, where South Tyrol is a leader in Europe. The Institute of Innovative Technologies (IIT) and the A22 Brenner autobahn were among the first to focus on the distribution of hydrogen as the fuel of the future and opened Italy’s first hydrogen centre on 5 June 2014.
The Centre, located at the Bozen South autobahn exit, will have an important role, serving as an example for other cities and regions. The aim of the project is to promote alternatives to fossil fuels. The Hydrogen Centre produces so-called “green hydrogen” via electrolysis from renewable energy sources. The hydrogen is stored in gas form: fuel cell vehicles can refuel from the Centre’s own refuelling station. Production capacity is sufficient for 15-20 buses or several hundred cars.

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