Fuel cells and hydrogen (FCH) are widely expected - due to their positive contribution towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving air quality, creating jobs, increasing energy independence, improve balance of paymente - to play a substantial role in European society over the coming decades.

To deliver this potential, it is essential to raise awareness among the general public, schoolkids, students, industrial customers and policy-makers, and to create a strong positive enthusiasm for FCH and all their aspects:

-    Mobility: hydrogen fuelled vehicles (from passenger cars through buses and boats), small personal mobility products such as fuel cell e-bikes and consumer electronics charging.
-   Stationary fuel cells, e.g. combined heat and power, back-up power or remote power.
-   Green hydrogen and energy storage: captures the wider role of hydrogen in the energy system.

In order to achieve these objectives, a unified and coherent communication strategy will be developed providing comprehensive information resource for the public and deliver a wide range of innovative dissemination events to prepare the market for the commercial introduction.

This project has been financed by the EU thanks to the FCH JU (Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaken) program.